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Hello, my name is Mike and I love to fish.  That sounds like an intro at a AA meeting but it is true I do love fishing.  I started fishing when I was about nine with a friend that I spent summers with.  My first fish was caught using a barrowed rod and reel.  It was about 18 inches and I proudly carried it through the camp ground.  When I got to the cleaning tables I asked a click to enlargeguy “what kind of fish is this?”  He said “that’s a carp and it isn’t worth cleaning”.  Well that fish put up a real fight and I was still proud,  and I was hooked for life.

Over the years I have had many careers.  Starting with counter sales in a camera shop, Copy Machine Repairman, Auto Mechanic, Lab Technician, Electronic Technician, and ending as an Senior R/D Engineer.  I retired about 10 years ago.  My wife and I retired to Northern California to a little valley tucked into the Sierra Nevada Range.  Now I am 63 my two kid are grown and out of the house.

During my whole working life I had little time to go fishing.  But I would fish on vacations and sometimes a long weekend.  My fishing knowledge progressed little.  After I retired I had plenty of time to study fishing and many other interests I had neglected.  I started this blog to pass on information that I have learned and  how to enjoy fishing with a minimum of equipment and expense.

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