Fishing from The Bank (First Post)

Get it All Together

Fishing from shore was my first experience with fishing.  I still enjoy it.  But I can’t do it right because I can’t get around as good as  when I was young.  So now I sit in a folding chair with my rod in a rod holder and watch the bobber.  The main thing here is,  I don’t expend any energy.  Here is a list of the items that I bring when shore fishing.

  • Light wight folding chair
  • Rod and reel  —  long rod 6-7 ft.  spinning real with 4-6 lb. line
  • Bait — worms,  crickets,  meal worms, or small jigs and flies
  • Bobbers — 1 t0 2 inches in diameter
  • Hooks —  size 4 to 10 (10 is smaller than 4)
  • 5 gallon bucket — use this bucket to carry everything that isn’t a chair

The bucket can also serve as a seat when turned upside down.  Or they make a padded lid that fits the bucket.  Sometimes I use the bucket as a rod holder.  If the bucket isn’t heavy enough, place a stone in the bottom for ballast.  I divide bank or shore fishing into two categories, still fishing in one spot and continually moving from spot to spot.  This post will cover stationery fishing.

Lets Start Fishing

I use two methods of still fishing.  The first is bottom fishing, used to catch catfish.  The second method is to use a bobber to keep your bait at some level in the water.  This method is used to catch like bluegill, crappie, trout and bass.  Methods and techniques will vary depending on time of year, temperature and spices.  But I like to keep is simple.

Bottom Fishing

Catfish feed off the bottom so if you put you bait on the bottom you might catch a catfish.  Here is a video that will show you how to set up your rig.  Notice the equipment used is much heaver than I like to use.

The bait he was using in the video looked like a fillet off a bluegill.  I like to use packaged catfish bait.  Berkley make a couple catfish baits in chunk form packed in resealable pouches.  Another type of packaged bait is called dip.  It comes in a tub and thick like peanut butter.  You  use a hook that has a sponge or coiled wire  that holds the bait.   Both types of bait work but I prefer the pouch bait because it isn’t as messy as the tub type.

Bobber Fishing

Bobber fishing is used to fish the upper level of the water.  Attach a small hook to the end of your line. Use a round red and white bobber about 1-1/2 to 2 inches in diameter.  The bobber is clipped on about 12 to 24 inches above your hook.  If you want to use a sinker, use a pinch on split shot half way between the hook and the bobbber.  This rig is great for bluegill bass and trout.

Picking a Spot to Fish

Fish like structure.  Structure is anything that can provide cover.  Some fish use cover to hide others use it to ambush other fish from.  So from the shore look for stumps, vegetation, large rocks or fallen trees.  The list goes on.  But if all you see is a flat area  of mud or gravel it probably isn’t a good spot to fish because there isn’t any structure.  Also look for shade.  Trees on the shore casting shadows on the water or the shady side of a structure like a stump or rock.   Boat docks are structures and provide shade.

If you are fishing in a area that is new to you, stop at the local bait shop or hardware store and get information about the local fishing.   Where to fish, what kind of fish, what bait to use and always buy something before leaving the store.

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